Quality Auto Body Shop Fargo ND is THE WORST!

I am really enjoying these reviews, and it’s a great chance to spread the word about great places that provide good service, and warn Fargo and Moorhead about crappy places that suck and rip you off.  I will keep doing them and fighting for justice when I see businesses that suck.

This week, I wanted to talk about Quality Auto Body in Fargo.  I have had a personal experience here a few years ago.  I was getting insurance work done for an accident.  I must say, since insurance was covering it, it seemed like they did the cheapest job possible.  I had to take it back after I got it, and they still left things out.  I got a new hood, and it didn’t have the windshield washer nozzles, or the hydraulics that are standard on my vehicle from the factory.  All in all, this place sucks pretty bad.  That staff and sales guy I worked with were ok, kinda crappy, left a lot to be desired.  I really didn’t see why anyone would go there.  So like usual, I went to see what the rest of Fargo had to say, and along with always at least a couple of decent reviews, they had bad ones, NOT SURPRISING!  Here are a couple from their google places!

Overall 1 / 3

Very Slow to repair rear ended car & expensive (5k & 10 days). Initially did VERY poor job aligning bumper, rear tail lights and rear panels. Tried to give the car back after blowing the main fuse (radio & heater did not work). DID pay for a rental car and repair the electrical issue. How do you blow a main fuse changing a rear tail light? I am not impressed BUT They DID fix it and the alignment of the panels looks good now, and the paint always looked good.
Overall 0 / 3
Don’t go here – they have no integrity, honesty, or customer service. They did not repair my car issue, although they charged me for it and would not follow up and take care of the issue (or give a refund). Terrible. I also later read bad reviews on BBB and other posts. I wish I would have checked them out first – then I would have went somewhere else!
Seriously, if you look online before you pick a place, why in the hell would anyone go here.  I don’t get it.  Anyway, that was my review this week.
Stay classy Fargo, DS signing off!

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